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        Accurate Documents

    Since we are also a contractor, we produce drawings that are reviewed by field personnel in addition to the Design and Engineering team. Hence, we answer questions during the design phase that often get asked later, producing a cleaner design and drawings and reducing paperwork that normally occurs later at a savings to the owner.



        Financial Stability

Pool World is financially secure, we’ve been servicing the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene areas for 35 years.

We will be here to serve your needs in the future!


        Health Department

We have a great working relationship with the Washington State Health Department and Idaho Department of Environmental Quality / Panhandle Health District that enable fast review and approval of the plans. We will include them in the design process so that the review process can go quickly and smoothly.


        Local Expertise

We have local knowledge of products used in this area and why they work best in our region. We know how to design the pool for easy winterization in our region.

  We know what products and/or services are the right price for the facility. Around pools, like anything else, there are different materials, quality, and value of goods. We will work to choose the best value between cost and quality for you.





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